Holy Innocents - High Beech



These are just graves that caught my eye and they do not have any more significance than any others.

Shenton - Impressive headstone with Runes

  • A tall, carved but natural stone, with runes down both sides - apparently a quote from Beowulf (see link above). Otherwise uses a standard script but with an Insular Script "T" & possibly Gothic "E" on the inscriptions. The stone is delaminating front and back.

  • Inscription - George Darnell [S]henton, 1867 - 1941

  • He was a member of the clergy - most recently at The Rectory, Graveley, Cambridgeshire

  • Died at 14 Fitzroy Square - which was St. Luke's Hospital For The Clergy.

  • On the 1911 census, he can be found in Elmstead Vicarage, Elmstead. Prior to that he appears to have been a precentor at St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney, Australia (1893) and had a spell at Tiverton (Devon) and Pendleton (Lancs).

  • No idea what the link to High Beach is - perhaps via children or wife ? Or why the runes & unusual script ? It is an impressive headstone however.

  • An adjacent headstone:

      • E Helen Shenton, 1869 - 1914 (George's first wife) "Dearest Daughter Wife Mother"

      • Austin K Shenton, 1895 - 1918 (son, died in France in WW1) "MC Captain RE" (Military Cross & Royal Engineers) & "worthy? of his mother" ?

  • Probate granted to Dora Sophia Shenton (widow) and Philip Farrer Shenton (son)

Hans Ove Larsen

  • Hans Ove Larsen was a wealthy nurseryman / horticulturist, of Quinton Hill, Waltham Abbey

  • Described in the Daily Herald (4th July 1934) as a pioneer of the tomato and cucumber growing industry (26 acres of nurseries)

  • He had been a member of Essex County Council for 11 years.

  • It seems he killed himself due to depression brought on by insulin treatment for his diabetes.

  • He left nearly £159,000 in his estate in 1934 - some of which was bequeathed to his employees

  • Daily Mirror - Tuesday 10 July 1934 - An article writes that his pets attended the funeral - two great danes & two shire horses.

  • Also, only one wreath was on his coffin - from his housekeeper Nellie Alby.

Commonwealth War Graves

  • H J Langdon - Royal Army Medical Corp - 29th December 1918

  • W M Davies - Royal Air Force - 22nd Feb 1944

  • K S Nurse - Royal Horse Artillery - 21st Oct 1978 (Age 19)

      • This is Kirk Stephen Nurse. Kirk's great-grandfather was George Edward Nurse who was awarded a VC at the Battle of Colenso. He was attached to the 66th Battery of the Royal Field Artillery.

      • This seems to be an army family - at least since George above. Kirk's father was also in the army, as per the joint grave - SSgt CGC Nurse.

  • L Herridge - Royal Air Force - 11th March 1943 (Age 33)