Mansfield & Bloxham


Item 1

  • A piece of embroidered handiwork depicting flowers.

  • It states "The Gift of Anna Helena Mansfield to Jane Buchanan, July 19th 1775"

Item 2

  • A name apparently practiced on a piece of paper, perhaps testing a pen - Jane Charlotte Bloxham


An "Anna Helena Mansfield" can be found in a Belfast Newsletter marriage notice from 30th April 1841:

On the 20th inst, Robt. M. Tagert Esq, of Woodbrook, county of Tyrone, to Anna Helena fifth daughter of the late Francis Mansfield, Esq. of Castle Wray, county of Donegal

However, this is of course too late to be our Anna but it might hint at a possible family connection. This is a trap that many people can fall into - you must always consider the possibility of coincidence even if you perceive the match to be likely. Upon what are you basing your perception? Do you have a real understanding how frequent or popular a name might be at any given point in time ? Names can be popular within an extended family and can often be seen in multiple places at multiple times.

We can read about Castle Wray on the Irish National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH).


A Jane Charlotte Bloxham can be found on the 1901 census in Co. Monaghan.

William "One Irish Rover" has done quite a bit of work on them: