Warren / Symes etc.


This is an odd situation where I have been investigating a family before a "lost album" has fallen into the distinguished hands of Mary Lennon.  As an amateur genealogist, when you come across a couple of surnames that you've seen before, you normally dismiss this as meaningless coincidence but this time, after a double-take,  it was clear it was a path that had been visited before.  So this is less of a puzzle than usual !

As coincidences go, I have literally hundreds of trees and diverse interests in many things across Ireland and Britain so it was bound to happen eventually.   We also find that one of the extended family has been mentioned on the Lennon-Wylie site previously (at least once) as it has previously caught my eye. This is not surprising either as the Symes family was absolutely huge and they had diverse practices from law, architecture and medicine so are quite heavily intertwined with life in Victorian Ireland.

Warren / Symes

In the book Bank of Ireland Staff Service Record (also scanned by Mary) we find Private Thomas Arthur Symes  (Royal Dublin Fusiliers) who was son of Sandham J. Symes, Esq., of Hill View, Tinahely, Co. Wicklow who is  related to but not to be confused with the architect of the same name above. They recycled the name Sandham in the family.

The photographs with good biographical details state:

"Mr Warren of  Killiney"  is Robert  Warren jnr (1787-1869).   Mrs. McNally is Susanna Warren (1789-1877) wife of Richard McNally.

The family perspective in question is, by deduction, those descendants of Barbara Symes née Warren - which accounts for the photo of Sandham Symes (1807-1894) in their possession.  We can then revisit some of the other photographs and try to work out who everyone is, perhaps !



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