Society of Applied Chemistry



The "QUB" photos certainly pose a few questions:

  • The architectural features of the windows behind are consistent with the College of Technology rather than QUB, although I would not purport to know every building in the QUB estate in the 1960s (well before my time!) or any other era. Other people on FB expressed a similar opinion about the architecture.

  • Why are there other photos of the College of Technology in the same set ?

  • The 1966/67 photo has 11 people in the front row but only 8 are listed. It omits Miss Barry for instance who is seen in the other photo.

So who is in this Society ? Ernest Tyrrall was based at the College of Technology in the 1950s and 60s when the photos were taken, and was head of chemistry for a time. On the other hand, Blair & Cromie, for example, were based in QUB (Industrial) Chemistry in the early 1970s not too long after the photo was taken. This suggests the society spanned both institutions at least or the College of Technology chemists had some status within QUB and that Tyrrall was hosting the meeting.