Wrens' Gate



There was a Kathleen Delargy in the WRNS. She was made a 3rd officer in Dec 1944 which likely explains the note on the back.  Notes on the back of group photos are often written by the person allocating and issuing the photographs to those featured, so the obvious implication is that Kathleen is in the image. We don't know if Delargy was her married name or not, which doesn't help narrow down the pool of candidates.

The Gates

For some, the bigger question is where are those gates ?  They are not the Canada Gate or the gates of Kensington Palace.  For such spectacular gates, it is surprising that they are not immediately identifiable by humans or search engines.  This could imply they no longer exist.  I would suggest this is more likely to be at the hands of property developers than it is due to a movement during the war to collect iron. Bear in mind that the penchant for cutting down railings was normally directed at the common or garden variety, not national treasures or similarly impressive iron work. 

There are two obvious suggestions for where they are :- this is at or near where they trained, or this is at a WRNs event / assembly of which there were many during the war.  I suspect someone who understands the history of the WRNS will immediately know the location. I did contact the WRNS Association but they drew a blank.  Could they be overseas ?

To my eye the animal on the top of the gates is a hound and not a lion.