Euphemia Harron


Euphemia mania

Euphemia seems to have been a very popular family name for the Harron's of Co. Donegal. There are no less than eight of them living in Ballintra in the 1901 census (assuming the returns are not double counting). What might at first sight look like an excellent genealogical name becomes slightly more complex. There is also a Euphemia Morrow and Holmes in the same district.

Of the 217 Euphemias on the 1901 Irish census (plus/minus any transcription errors),  about 10% of them are to be found in Donegal and nearly half of those are to be found in Ballintra. This would hint at the name having some local significance with its greatly elevated level of popularity. 


Was she some ancient matriarch or local hero ?

There was a 16th century Euphemia Elphinstone of note in the Orkney and Sheltland islands.  It is possible that one of her descendants made their way to Donegal and popularised the name that way.  There was a Euphemia Rainey in the 17th century who married Lancelot Vance - a medical doctor of the time who died in the Siege of Derry.  They were of Counties Tyrone &  Derry so very close by.

Link with Moore

The wedding of a Thomas Moore and a Euphemia Harron took place on 21 December 1916, in Ballintra in the parish of Raphoe.